Doctor Who – The End of Time, Part One

Ooooooooh! Now that was FUN.

I’ll avoid the plot summary and anything spoilerish until after next week’s concluding part, but I can safely say the following, which isn’t at all secret:

The Master is back and more gloriously bonkers than ever. You might have thought John Simm turned the knobs up all the way the last time we saw him, but he appears to have found a new set of knobs which go all the way up to, oooh, several billion, and was in danger of breaking them…

As always, he’s got an Evil (and indeed, Cunning) Plan, designed to make the Doctor unhappy, with unfortunate side-effects for several[1] other people.

There’s a mysterious alien artifact, some disguised aliens, a moderately large explosion[2], the Master has some new tricks, the Doctor’s got a new trick of his own, the Ood are still a bit ood odd, and Wilf[3] is still quite wonderful.

Now all that would be quite a good start for a nicely dramatic two-parter, but there is, as you might expect from Russell T Davies, more. For a start, you might be wondering about that bloke doing the narration. Who is he, and how does he know so much? And just what is it that is apparently coming back?

Well, I had my guesses, and a few on-set photos I’d seen had led me to suspect, and it appears I was right[4]. Something’s coming back indeed, and it looks like it’s going to be causing even more trouble for the Doctor.

The final part is on New Year’s Day at 6pm on BBC One and the BBC HD Channel, and is a wee bit longer than the usual special at 75 minutes. A full review with actual, you know, details, will follow after that.

[1] This may be a moderate understatement. I do that now and then.
[2] See previous footnote
[3] Donna’s grandfather, do keep up…
[4] But obviously, I’m not giving any details away. Other sites may differ.