WideMail is Back!!

As I mentioned when I upgraded to Snow Leopard, one of the problems was that the excellent Mail.app add-in Widemail didn’t work any more. I found something else that does a similar job, but not quite in the way I found useful about Widemail. Dane Harnett, the developer said at the time that he was working on a new version and finding it tricky, but with no updates since late August, I’d begun to think he’d moved on to other projects…

So imagine my surprise when an update to the Widemail site popped up in NetNewsWire this morning. As an extra special Christmas treat, Dane has released a beta of Widemail 2.0, which is for Snow Leopard only. I removed the other wide thingy I was using and installed the beta almost immediately.

And Woo! Hoo! It works! No observed issues with it so far, and now I have mail displaying things in a format I find much more useful.