December 2009 Round-up

Yes, this is appearing a little late, as I didn’t have the wossnames to do it yesterday[1]. Anyway, here we go again, with the eagerly-awaited[6] end of month report:


Having not taken a weight measurement since the end of September, I thought I should bite the metaphorical bullet and put in an end of year figure. Well, it’s technically a start of year figure, but let’s just pretend, OK?

September 30: 221 pounds (15 stone 11 pounds, 100.2 kg)
December 31: 228 pounds (16 stone 4 pounds, 103.4 kg)
Difference: A rise of 7 pounds in three months


With the odd spot of naughtiness here and there, I’ve generally been avoiding the sausage rolls at lunchtime, and not generally eating too much.


I’ve managed a few walks to work and even one or two walks home, but I haven’t managed to get myself on the exercise bike since my last report.


Well, it was a slow start, but as you might have seen, I’ve started making some longer posts recently. The total for this month will be 13 (there’s another post to come after this), which is more than last month, but still very low by my standards.


Well, a bit of a mixture. I’ve made some moderate progress on my new photo site, with more planned over the next few days before I go back to work. Otherwise, I’ve been moderately inactive.

[1] Any suggestion that my failure to post on the last day of the year had anything to do with having a glass[2] or two[3] of wine at lunch[4] will of course, be denied
[2] Or bottle
[3] Or four[5]
[4] Looooong lunch
[5] Not on my own, I hasten to add
[6] Or not