Jonathan Creek – The Grinning Man

Yes, I’m really behind with this one. Jonathan Creek’s long-awaited[1] return was shown on TV last Christmas, when I somehow managed to miss it. I didn’t spot any repeat showings, so I had a long wait until the DVD was released in October.

In the classic Jonathan Creek mode, it’s a locked room mystery, but with more twists than normal. It revolves around an allegedly haunted room in a suitably scary gothic mansion. Over the last seventy years or so, several people have disappeared without a trace after spending the night in the room.

Jonathan finds himself drawn into the mystery, accompanied by Joey Ross, who presents a “paranormal investigation” TV show – the kind of silliness Jonathan isn’t all that keen on. Joey’s determined to find out what happened to her friend – the last person to sleep in the mysterious room. Jonathan wants to solve the problem, and have at least some time away from the ever-irritating Adam Klaus.

It was loads of fun, with Alan Davies dropping into the Jonathan Creek role as if he’d never stopped. Apparently there’s going to be another special at Easter, which is something to look forward to.

[1] By me, anyway