The Folklore of Discworld – Terry Pratchett and Jacqueline Simpson

Now this is fun. This paperback edition includes an extra chapter covering Unseen Academicals, so it’s a better option than the original hardback, which I didn’t get round to buying.

What we have here is a quite detailed look at all manner of things relating to the Discworld – gods, dwarfs, wizards, witches, legends, myths and much more. Where it seems appropriate, comparisons are made with some strange place known to its inhabitants as “Earth”.

It manages to be a moderately sensible bit of folklore (which is Jacqueline Simpson’s area of expertise) and nicely entertaining (which is Terry’s area of expertise). Lots of extracts from the books, so if you haven’t read them all, this could be a good introduction, and might just tempt you into doing a lot more reading. There are only 37 books for you to catch up on…