Red Dwarf – Back to Earth DVD

I mentioned this when it was shown on Dave last Easter, and I pretty much stand by what I said then – it was silly, funny, and earned numerous Geek Points. The DVD gives you the original three episodes, plus a nicely mixed together movie version, inevitably labelled The Director’s Cut,[1] plus a pile of extras:

  • Assorted commentaries
  • The Making of Back to Earth
  • Deleted scenes
  • Smeg Ups (the boys from the Dwarf do good out-takes)
  • Bits, bobs, and other stuff

The “making of” makes it absolutely clear that the Blade Runner thing was the primary inspiration for the story (it gets more obvious on repeated viewing), and it’s all good fun. Some people didn’t like the ending, but it worked for me, and maybe we will get some more Dwarf one day. Would be nice to see if the ninth and tenth series really were any good[2].

[1] Well, since they were riffing off Blade Runner, it seemed appropriate to me…
[2] Apparently they exist in some time line or other…