Doctor Who – The Twin Dilemma

This story, first shown in March 1984, has several distinctions:

  1. It’s Colin Baker’s first full story
  2. With this release, every Colin Baker story is now available on DVD, making him the first complete Doctor
  3. And in a recent poll in Doctor Who Magazine, it was voted the least popular story ever.

The Doctor is having a difficult regeneration. Peri, who’s more than a little confused about his changed appearance, is even more confused by his erratic and violent behaviour. He decides to become a hermit, and takes Peri to an asteroid, where he plans to live for a few centuries. That might be fine for a Time Lord, but Peri might have a problem.

And talking of problems, there are one or two. There’s a Cunning Plan that quite naturally involves a threat to the whole galaxy, kidnapped mathematical genius twin boys[1] who are being used to calculate something incomprehensible, and some sinister alien wossnames.

Due to all kinds of production problems, this story had a lot of issues. And it was quite shocking to have a new Doctor who wasn’t even slightly likeable. There was a plan behind that – Colin intended to stay in the role a long time, and hoped to develop the character into someone that people would come to like. But that didn’t quite work, and so we’re left with this, which isn’t terribly good, really…

Extras are a mixed bag. There’s no “making of” item this time, either because the ground has been well covered on other releases, or because nobody wanted to be seen talking about it. But apart from that, we have:

  • The Star Man – An interview with Sid Sutton, designer of the title sequence
  • Look 100 years younger – Colin Baker and Amy Lamé talk about the Doctor’s various costumes. Hmmm.
  • Stripped for Action – the Sixth Doctor – another in the series about the Doctor’s comic strip adventures
  • Production subtitles, and other bits and bobs

This one should probably be filed under “for completists only”

[1] Classic line: “our genius has been abused!” :eek: