Daily Archives: Monday, 4th Jan 2010

Weight and Stuff Report – 4 January 2010

How nice! Down a wee bit today. Not a lot, but every little helps…

For my first day back at work after the Christmas break, I made the effort, got up a bit early and walked in, despite the ground still being covered in icy snowy stuff. It wasn’t too cold at the time, the sun was low in the sky and making things look nice, so I took a few pictures when I got to the Tyne. Here’s one:

All Saints, Morning

All Saints, Morning

All Saints Church glowing in the morning light

When I went out at lunchtime, it had turned colder, which reminded me that I needed to get a better coat – the one I’ve worn for the last two winters has developed a nasty split, and it’s not really warm enough for the current weather anyway. So I went to the usual outdoor shop, and got a somewhat better one with a detachable fleece inner jacket, so I get to be warm and dry.