Weight and Stuff Report – 8 January 2010

Today’s exciting weight figure is marginally up on yesterday’s exciting figure. Until the snow goes away, I’m not very inclined to worry about that. Walking will resume when I can do so without slipping…

It’s still cold. Well, when I say “cold”, I mean far too bloody cold. Shall I tell you how cold it was today? Well, I had to go into the server room to check that all the lights on the toys were the right colours, and to change some tapes. Now normally when I go from the lobby into the storeroom and from there into the server room[1], there’s a sudden shock of cold. The air conditioning in the server room is set to “enthusiastic”[2], and it generally does feel cool if not actually cold in there. But when I went in there today, it didn’t feel cold at all. My first thought was that the aircon had failed, but that wasn’t it. Both units were happily blowing out not particularly warm air. But as the storeroom and the lobby aren’t heated[3], and it was a cold day, the temperature controlled server room was actually warmer than its surroundings for once…

Anyway, today’s little treat is another picture from Saltwell Park. This is the island in the lake.

The island

The island

Set in the middle of Saltwell Park Lake, which is covered in ice and snow.

Yes, that is normally surrounded by actually wet water…

[1] The server room is partitioned off inside a larger room
[2] Well, 17ËšC, to be precise. Distinctly cool.
[3] Before we moved the server room into the storeroom, there was a hot water pipe running around the room, which did heat it. Being fussy, we decided that having a pipe full of water running above our expensive toys wasn’t a good idea at all, so it was disconnected.