Weight and Stuff Report – 11 January 2010

Ooooh, a nice bit of recovery after the weekend bloat, which is a nice start to the week.

I’ve been doing something a bit different for lunch recently – I’m still trying to resist the dreaded sausage rolls, which I’m sure are responsible for at least 25% of my excess weight[1], and I wanted a bit more variety than the usual Subway or Pret thingies, so I’ve started going to the delightfully named Bagel of the North [2] (not a real website, it’s their Farcebook page), where I’ve had such delights as Peking duck, sweet chilli chicken and that old standby, the BLT. All very tasty and prepared while you watch. Good stuff.

The thaw has continued – now there’s just some nasty icy bits on the pavements in less busy places[3], and lovely drips falling from places like the Theatre Royal. It was quite nice actually being able to walk around Newcastle at lunchtime…

Today’s extra item[4] is this bit of silliness:

Tigger planning his next move

Tigger planning his next move

Or an excuse to play with my latest lens

Tigger is planning his next move, which may involve bouncing all over my dragons, knowing him…

I hope to get out this week and have some serious fun with this lens, and I’ll write a proper post about it then.

[1] Some people might argue that the actual cause is me eating the sausage rolls, but that would be silly
[2] Rather like the estate agents who bill themselves as “Agent of the North”, but better tasting
[3] Like outside Losing it[1] HQ
[4] I hope you’re appreciating the effort that goes into these things

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