The Best of Never Mind the Buzzcocks

I spotted this in Tesco’s on Saturday, and as it was cheap (even cheaper than the current Amazon price) and I’ve always enjoyed Never Mind the Buzzcocks, I bought it.

“Best of” is a slightly dodgy title, as it’s confined to the last few years when Simon Amstell was hosting, but there’s plenty to enjoy. There are three of the annual “best of series” shows, which are generally good fun and very silly – the first is presented by TV arts seriousperson Alan Yentob[1] in the manner of a serious arts documentary. The second is merely narrated by Botney Yentob and is presented as a touching tribute to Simon Amstell after he’d suffered the terrible fate of being told he wasn’t actually funny. The third is described as a “thrilling look back at what were technically some excellent moments” and uses the word “technically” a lot.

These three little compilations are good fun – and it’s always a pleasure to see the moment when Preston walked off[2] in response to Simon reading extracts from his wife’s autobiography[3]. Preston apparently hadn’t realised that he was the nominated figure of fun that week. And there’s lots of other lovely bits, such as quiet, shy and retiring John Barrowman[4] quite thoroughly and outrageously out-gaying[5] Simon Amstell. All good fun, with a wide selection of guests. But if you keep watching Dave, you’ll probably find these shows repeated every five weeks or so[6], so why would you want to pay seven whole pounds for a DVD? Well, there’s more.

In addition to those three previously-seen compilations, there’s a special extra feature. Phill Jupitus and Simon Amstell present and generally talk over[7] out takes, mistakes, fluffs, bits the BBC would prefer not to show, bits where guests were just that little bit too relaxed, and bits that would have broken the BBC bleep machine if they’d been shown. That runs for about 44 minutes, and makes the whole package quite good value really. So long as you pay £7 or so rather than the alleged list price of £19.99. But then, who pays full price for DVDs? Seriously, does anyone ever pay the full price?

[1] Or “Botney” as some people like to think of him
[2] Former pop star, now best known for walking off the show
[3] He met her on Celebrity Big Brother. She was a fake celebrity. How anyone could tell the difference is beyond me…
[4] Yes, Captain Jack Harkness himself
[5] This was the expression Simon used
[6] Estimate. Everything on Dave is repeated. Frequently. Often at the same time.
[7] It’s like a normal DVD commentary, except you can’t turn it off