For over decades…

Errr, what? This is from the label on a bottle of Glucosamine capsules I bought in Holland and Barrett today:

For over decades

For over decades

Problem 1: That first sentence which starts with “For over decades..”. Now for that to make sense in English, there should be a number in there. Better still, rather than being a bit odd and saying “for over four (or five, or however many) decades..”, you could use the more normal “for over mumble years”. Either way, you’d expect someone to make sure that the copy being printed on thousands of labels to be, well, checked by several people before actually pressing the print button, wouldn’t you? It’s not like a one-person and several Tiggers website, where typos (a) don’t really matter and (b) probably won’t be noticed as hardly anyone actually reads this stuff[1]. If you’re actually slapping a label on something people are going to pay for, you’d want to take a bit of care, wouldn’t you?

Then there’s the list of things that are not included in the product. Quite a long list, which somehow fails to mention that there is no rancid yak urine, no razor blades and no ground-up X-Factor contestants, but does manage to reassure customers that there is no “Porcine”. What. The. Photon? Porcine???? You managed to say “no fish”, but you couldn’t manage to say “no bits of pigs”? Considering that it’s made from bits of crushed crustaceans[2], it’s all a bit silly really….

[1] Which is my excuse for any missed, duplicated or mangled words in this or any other post.
[2] Insert old joke about King’s Crustacean and Charing Crustacean here