Weight and Stuff Report – 20 January 2010

Ooooookay. Down another pound today. I’m sure it’s all in the random wossnameness area, but down is good…

It was ever so slightly damp this morning. Not actually raining heavily, but enough to get you wet and to be generally not very pleasant. But despite that, I walked to work, for the third day in a row. Will I make it a whole week? It helped that the coat I bought recently not only keeps my generally warm and dry, but also has a proper hood, which kept the rain off my head quite nicely.

No new photos today, but here’s one I didn’t display yesterday.

Gateshead Old Town Hall

Gateshead Old Town Hall

Slightly de-fisheyed. If you see what I mean.

It’s a slightly straightened out version of a fisheye image of Gateshead Old Town Hall, which is apparently now a new venue for stuff. This is what it looked like before I cropped it and de-fished it:

Gateshead Old Town Hall

Gateshead Old Town Hall

The fully fishy, err, fisheye version

And finally for today, a fun fact: I have now made more posts in January than I did in October, November and December combined. I seem to be back in the mood, or something.

2 thoughts on “Weight and Stuff Report – 20 January 2010

  1. alf stone

    I don’t think I have ever commented on your blog before but I have been following it for a long time. Your weight is of no particular interest to me but I love your photographs. I am sort of neighbour living just off Coatsworth Road, at the cheaper end away from the Park. I must confess to having pinched a couple of your photographs of Saltwell Park in the snow to send to a Geordie ex-pat friend of mine who now lives in Bedford but I did give you full credit and didn’t claim them as my own. Your experiments with the fish eye are fascinating. Please keep it up. I shall be watching.

    1. Les Post author

      Glad you like the pictures – I’m always happy for people to share them in any non-commercial way. (If it’s commercial, someone needs to pay me!)

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