Daily Archives: Friday, 22nd Jan 2010

Weight and Stuff Report – 22 January 2010

Down again today, which is a good end to the working week.

As I needed to get in a bit earlier today, I decided to get the bus rather than walk, but as the bus got stuck in traffic, I’d have got there a wee bit sooner if I had walked. Still, never mind – I did manage to walk in four times this week, which is the most I’ve done in a while.

On the lunch front I’ve been generally good this week – I’ve been sampling more of the range from Bagel of the North, and not having too much else on top. I did allow myself the dreaded sausage rolls today, though.

Today’s little something extra is a picture I took on my way to work yesterday – Gateshead Old Town Hall seen through the rusty old rings sculpture over the road.

Gateshead Old Town Hall

Gateshead Old Town Hall

As seen through the rusty rings over the road