Weight and Stuff Report – 23 January 2010

Errr, ooops, or something. Yes, that’s a rather wild fluctuation today – three pounds higher than yesterday. Now I didn’t eat like more of a pig than normal on Friday, so I can only put this down to Friday morning’s weight being a bit on the low side because of a little dehydration following the little wine drinking gathering thingy I went to after work on Thursday. And as I drank a fair bit of water yesterday, I’ve rehydrated. Or something like that, anyway. Or maybe having a day off walking to work made more difference than seems likely. Or it’s just random stuff.

I haven’t taken any more fresh pictures, so it’s time to raid last year’s untreated and unpublished collection[1]. This is from a walk in Saltwell Park last November, at the start of a walk I mentioned at the time. I’ve cropped this down to show a swan and a couple of the lovely Canada Geese.

Swan and Geese

Swan and Geese

Early November, Saltwell Park

Who knows, I may get round to more backlogged pictures soon.

[1] There’s only a couple of thousand to check…