Star Trek – The Next Generation Movie Collection

Well, having mentioned the first movie set, it’s only fair to mention the equivalent Next Generation set. The full price of this smaller set was a not too extortionate £30, which would be a good deal if you didn’t already own the DVDs, but I left it until Amazon offered it to me for a much more reasonable £12.38. I see that it’s gone back up to a not quite as reasonable £17.97 since I bought it, but that’s still not too bad.

As with the other set, this collects the full set of movies with new commentaries and special features and an extra disc containing a collection of additional special items, including the evolution of the Enterprise, star charts and, as they say, more.

So, what about the movies?


A sort of handover movie, which thanks to some time-bending, manages to get Kirk and Picard together to combat a suitably mad scientist. It’s good fun, and may well involve some heroic sacrifice. (You get a lot of that in these movies)

First Contact

Lots of trouble with those pesky Borg in this one, with Picard and his crew having to travel back to the 21st century to make sure things still happen the way they remember them happening.


This one is perhaps the most like an episode of ST:TNG, and that’s not a bad thing at all. Ordered to do something he doesn’t approve of, Picard has to decide whether to risk his career and do what he thinks is right, or to, oh well, what do you think he’s going to do?


It seems that the Romulans have a new leader, who wants to have a nice friendly chat with the Federation. Only it turns out that he’s (a) a clone of Picard and (b) a bit of a loony who wants to take over the galaxy, kill lots of people (especially Picard) and all the other stuff traditional villains like to do. Yet more heroic sacrifice may be involved.

And that was it. The end of Star Trek in the movies for quite a while…

While these movies don’t feel as essential as the ones with Kirk and his crew, they’re still worth watching, and if by some chance you don’t have them already, this set is a good way of getting them.

There is also a set which combines the content of this set and the other one, but at the time of writing, it’s cheaper to get the two separate sets.