I can see that being a problem…

Leave it to xkcd to point out the flaw in a load of popular stories:

xkcd: Children's Fantasy

xkcd: Children's Fantasy

Click the image to see the whole thing, and make sure you hover your mouse over it to get the extra text.

Done that? Good.

Assuming you came back here after going to xkcd[1], isn’t this entirely right? I mean, if you were called off to a different world where you did all manner of heroic stuff, quite possibly involving mythical creatures and beautiful princes/princesses/whatevers[2], and then had to come back to your regular life and carry on as normal, having to pretend that none of it had happened, because you know that everyone would think you were either making it up or perhaps a wee bit differently sane, wouldn’t it make a complete mess of your life? Unless, of course, you found an outlet and wrote fantasy novels. OK, C S Lewis – we’re on to you now!

[1] And I’ll quite understand if you didn’t, Randall is a lot funnier than I am…
[2] Or whoever you prefer. Could be lovely peasants if you like