Weight and Stuff Report – 27 January 2010

Down a wee bit more today. Can this go on?

I gave myself a day off from walking to work this morning, as I was feeling slightly rough. Nothing serious, so I should be OK for tomorrow.

Today’s picture is of the nicely decaying sign at one of the entrances to Windmill Hills Park. It was meant to be a temporary sign, which should have either been removed, or at least updated as the project moved on, but somehow it was forgotten, and ten years on, it’s still there, slowly fading and rotting. Perhaps they’re being environmental and are letting it return to nature, or something.

Is it finished yet?

Is it finished yet?

OK, I was actually trying to get a good picture of the magpie that you can see below the sign, but as I was working with the 17mm lens on the E-P1, I couldn’t get any closer before it flew away. So I decided to have a mutter about that sign instead.