Fascinating Research

I just saw these research findings, and thought I should share them:

xkcd: Strip Games

xkcd: Strip Games

Yes, it’s more brilliance from xkcd. It gets progressively funnier from left to right, then breaks the geekometer[1] with the mouseover text.

[1] That’s assuming yours still works after reading some of my posts[2]
[2] I don’t remember the context, but somebody online somewhere responded to something I said by saying “that’s the geekiest thing I’ve ever read”. I thanked him politely. :grin:

2 thoughts on “Fascinating Research

    1. Les Post author

      Not to mention people putting “Strip Poohsticks” in their blog posts in an attempt to get traffic from people searching for it.

      Oh dear, look what I just did… :rolleyes:

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