I’m not really excited…

The rebuilt Eldon Square South[1] opens next Tuesday. Normally, I’m not all that bothered about new bits of shopping centres, as they generally contain more of the same things I’m not all that interested in. But this time it’s different. As well as a shiny new Debenhams department store, which I’ll probably look at once then not bother with again, and more clothes shops than anyone really needs, there will be a very shiny new Apple Store , which means I’ll be able to have a play with any new Apple toys I might be considering, and more important, if I ever have a problem with one of my Macs, I’ll be able to get local support at last.

And it also means that when I want to buy anything from Apple, I’ll be able to get it immediately instead of having to wait a whole day for a delivery.

Oh, and I claim my pedant points for noticing that the quoted address for the store is wrong, wrong, wrong. Apple have it as Eldon Ct, Percy St, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, NE1 7JB, presumably after looking up a post code database. The new mall is not Eldon Court – that’s an office suite in a different part of Eldon Square altogether. I believe the correct address will be St Andrew’s Mall. And the postal address for Newcastle doesn’t usually include the county.

Yes, I know, picky, picky, picky. Still, making what is technically a negative comment about Apple should stop some people accusing me of being a “fanboy” or worse still, a “fanboi”, which I’m sure should be pronounced “fanbwah”, and is a very silly word. So there.

[1] Overdue pictures will appear soonish

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