Regular readers[1] will have realised that I’m a fan of that excellent webcomic xkcd, as I may have mentioned it once or twice in my various posts. Randall Munroe has a nicely enlightened attitude to his work, and allows free use of his comics by anyone under a Creative Commons non-commercial licence, but he manages to make a living from the sale of prints, t-shirts and the like, and good for him too.[3] I’d thought about ordering some signed prints a few times, partly because they’d be nice things to have, and partly to help support something that I value greatly. In the usual way, I didn’t locate a tuit, so the prints went unordered.

That was until a few months ago, when THE BOOK was launched. Let’s see now….

  1. A collection of popular xkcd comics printed at a nice size with assorted annotations[4]
  2. It’s called Volume 0
  3. Profits going to a good cause
  4. An ideal excuse to order stuff from xkcd

So I did. My original order apparently fell into a black hole, but when I chased it up, I was told a replacement would be sent as soon as possible. Well, that was a while ago, and I was just beginning to wonder if I should ask again. But today, a package arrived at the office. It had a return address in Northern Ireland, which threw me – I was expecting something direct from the US, but I guess using an intermediary avoids messiness with customs. But yes, it was my xkcd[5] stuff in all its glory:



As well as the book, I’ve got the t-shirt showing the technical support flow chart and tasty signed prints of Exploits of a Mom (“Little Bobby Tables”), Duty Calls (“Someone is wrong on the Internet!”) and A Bunch of Rocks (“So I’m stuck in this desert for eternity…”). I’ll be sorting out frames for the prints quite soon.

All lovely stuff, and well worth the wait.

[1] Or unicorns[2]
[2] Hi Sam :wave:
[3] If I could make a living selling the non-existent Losing it[1] t-shirts, I’d consider quitting the day job too…
[4] The (in)famous xkcd alt-text being added as normal print alongside each comic
[5] I’m working on the theory that if I say xkcd enough times, this post will rise in the search engine rankings. This theory may well be a load of dingo’s kidneys, of course.

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