WordPress 2.9.2 is out

There’s a new update to WordPress out now – this one is a fix for a quite specific issue, which may well be of no interest to you, but if you have multiple users, you might want to update.

Full details from the development blog, as always.

I think either one or more of my plugins is causing a problem, or the weight of this ever-growing site is getting too much, as the automagic update process declined to work for Losing it[1], so I reverted to the old script method, which did its usual quick job. Tigger had no trouble updating his site, despite him getting very bouncy about it being what he insists on calling The Year of the Tigger…

Year of the Tigger

Year of the Tigger

I’ll probably be giving this site a good clean up when WordPress 3 lands in the next few months – this one will have a new default theme, which I might actually want to use…

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