New Doctor Who Trailer

Woo Who! The BBC have released a new teaser trailer for the forthcoming series – now confirmed as starting at Easter, which presumably means Saturday 3 April is the date to look forward to. It shows some of the things we can look forward to – the expected Daleks and Weeping Angels, and also a reptillian-looking alien. It’s been rumoured that the ancient non-alien former rulers of Earth erroneously referred to as “Silurians”[1] could be making a return, which could be fun. What also looks like fun is the chat going on. The Doctor and Amy are looking up at the stars:

Amy: That one’s flickering

The Doctor: Yeah, sorry, I thought I’d fixed that

Anyway, here it is, may only work in the UK due to copyright thingies, but it’ll probably be ever so slightly copied and placed in other sites for the benefit of furriners:

[1] Mr Moffat complained that people were asking the wrong question about them, so I think I’ve covered it there