Doctor Who – Dreamland

I didn’t catch this animated bit of Doctor Who when it was shown last year, so getting the DVD was, of course, essential. It’s a self-contained story[1] which can presumably be considered to fit in somewhere in between last year’s specials[2], quite possibly in the time the Doctor was having fun before facing up to meeting the Ood. But anyway, it runs for about 45 minutes, so it’s the equivalent of a normal episode.

The fun starts with the Doctor (David Tennant doing the voice, of course) arriving in Nevada in 1958, and getting involved with lots of odd MIBs, loony military types, friendly aliens and some not so friendly ones. Georgia Moffet, previously known as the Doctor’s Daughter provides the voice of the sort-of companion Cassie.[3]

It’s a nicely entertaining story, written by Phil Ford, who’s also written for the “proper” series, and it’s got the authentic touch. For instance, when someone expresses the usual fear of the times:

If the reds don’t nuke us first

The Doctor replies:

The reds? What? Manchester United?

And, later, he gets a little impatient:

Will you stop calling me Doc? I’m the Doctor, and you’re not Bugs Bunny!

Which is the kind of stuff you’d expect from a proper episode, so I hereby declare that this is a proper episode, so there.

Now some people might think that putting a 45 minute single animated episode on a DVD might be poor value for money, but never fear! Inside the box is a second disc, which contains the three complete Doctor Who Greatest Moments shows that appeared on BBC Three last year. These contain loads of clips, comments from the cast and general commentary on the last five years of Doctor Who, making an almost perfect record of the Russell T Davies era of the programme. I say almost perfect, because they were made too early to feature any clips from the final specials, but there’s still plenty to enjoy.

[1] Like the earlier The Infinite Quest, it was first shown in rather small pieces for some reason or other.
[2] And yes, I’ll be getting to those…
[3] Or perhaps I should call her the double doctor’s daughter, what with her dad being Peter Davison