Weight and Stuff Report – 22 February 2010

Hmmm. A small drop today.

Last night’s snow stopped falling not long after I posted that picture, and by this morning it was melting in places. Except for the places where it had refrozen into ice, causing some amusing wheel-spinning and traffic congestion, which made me late for work, as all of that got in the way of my bus.

I went for a walk at lunchtime, partly because I needed to collect my tickets for tomorrow’s trip to Leeds, and partly to get out for a while. And while I was out, I saw this board outside a cafe. Well, I saw it, walked past, then my brain registered what my eyes had detected, and I went back to check, and it really did say that[1]

Afteroon, eh?

Afteroon, eh?

There really is something wrong there…

[1] Err, I think I know what that means. But I think I’ll have that sentence taken out and shot.