New time system revealed!

I found myself dragged into the bizarre mess known as Facebook, because it’s become the only way some people communicate these days. Mutter, mutter, what’s wrong with email, etc? Anyway, as Facebook has grown, a number of problems have arisen. First there are the users who get dreadfully upset at any change made to the interface. They really need to understand that they are not Facebook’s customers – they are (as someone I can’t remember[1] said somewhere I can’t remember[2]) the product that Facebook delivers to its customers – the advertisers. Of course, anyone with any sense will be using a browser that blocks adverts[3], so the product actually being delivered is a very special subset of the users, but never mind.

The other problem with Facebook is that it breaks. A lot. This is no doubt a consequence of scaling a service to millions of users that was originally designed for students at one US University. Replication between servers sometimes breaks, leading to people thinking their comments have disappeared, so they post them again, just in time for the original to “come back” on the next page refresh. But sometimes the breakage is actually quite entertaining:



Yup. I commented on a friend’s post, someone else added a comment afterwards (identity hidden because I’m nice). But note the times. If a comment made at any time after 18:24 today was made 10 hours ago, then the time must be after 28:24 today. So I can only assume that Facebook really is run from a different planet…

[1] Or something. My memory does that
[2] I think it was on the internet somewhere. That should narrow it down for you
[3] So that’s not IE…

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