There are always options

While it’s far too early in the day[1] to get into a serious discussion of the many worlds hypothesis, it can be an interesting way of looking at things. The idea that your life branches off from every decision you make (or every event that affects you, for that matter) is an interesting one, leading to the notion of an infinity of parallel worlds where there are other versions of you whose circumstances may be completely different. Yous that are richer, healthier and happier[2], and of course yous who are worse of than you. Or dead. And all because you can never really know where a decision (go to that job interview or stay in bed, stay in, go out[3], that sort of thing) might lead you.

All of which random muttering leads me to today’s xkcd, which deals with that uncertainty in just the way you wouldn’t predict:

xkcd: Freedom

xkcd: Freedom

As always, click to see it all. Nice mouseover text, too.

[1] 7:07am, thanks for asking
[2] Smug gits that they are
[3] As in Pulp’s quite marvellous Something Changed