More changes coming…

If you’ve been reading any of this stuff over the last few months, you might recall that I’ve been talking about replacing all the existing picture galleries on this site with new ones on a shiny new dedicated photography site. And if you do happen to recall that, you might be wondering what happened to that project. Well, it’s mostly the old tuitness thing, which is the usual cause of things not happening, but I also had a thought in the back of my mind: the problem with using a separate site for the pictures is how to include images in posts.

This works pretty well with Gallery2, but the whole integration thing is a bit heavy and can be slow, and every time there’s a major new version of WordPress or Gallery, the developers of the WPG2 plugin have to persuade them both to play nicely together again. And I’d really like to avoid having such a big database if I can manage it.

So, for the last, err, quite a while, rather than adding new galleries, I’ve been linking images from Flickr, which is great for single recent images, but not so flexible for galleries of images.

Which leads me on to where I’m thinking of going now. I’m looking at changing over to the native image and gallery functions of WordPress itself. I began to think this might be a good idea when I saw the blog relating to the new TwentyTen theme, which has built in styles to present galleries in a quite friendly and easy to use way. I’ve been playing on my test site – uploading copies of the images from a couple of my old galleries, and once I’d done it right, the results were quite usable.

So all I have to do is upload all the images that I’ve already grabbed from Gallery into WordPress and attach them to relevant posts. It’s a bit of work, but probably less than would be involved in moving them all to the new photo site and working out how to link them to posts.

I’ll be fiddling with this on my WordPress 3 test site, which will give you a preview of where this site is going. It might break from time to time, as the WordPress code gets closer to a release version.