List Drafts Widget Revisited

Quite some time ago, I unleashed my second attempt at a WordPress plugin – List Drafts Widget. It’s a simple thing, and it was stuck together from some code found on the WordPress forums and some tutorials on how to write plugins.

Well, time moves on, and WordPress with it. Version 2.8 of WordPress introduced a new squeaky clean object-oriented  method for writing widgets, and while the widgets written the old way will continue to work, there’s always a chance that old functions will cease to work with some future update, which would make my poor little widget crash, burst into flames, kick the cat (should you have one) or at the very least, stop working, which would be moderately annoying.

So, I did some digging, and read some tutorials, and borrowed some bits from other sites, and turned List Drafts Widget into a shiny new version that uses the new API and doesn’t appear to break anything, or nothing that I’ve noticed, anyway.

I’ll be uploading it to the WordPress Plugins Repository later, and you’ll be able to find it in the same place as the old one:

List Drafts Widget

Comments, suggestions, etc are welcome.