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April 2010 Round-up

Keeping with a tradition dating back to March, this will once again be the final post of the month


I’ve managed to continue to remember to weigh myself daily, except when I haven’t been here

April 1: 226.6 pounds (16 stone 2.6 pounds, 102.8 kg)
April 30: 229 pounds (16 stone 5 pounds, 103.9 kg)

Difference: A rise of 2.4 pounds (1.1 kg), which isn’t so good.


It’s been a bit variable this month, with a selection of sarnie type things for lunch rather than just the bagels, which suggests I need to go back to the bagel shop more in May.


Well, not too much. I walked to work twice, had a few lunchtime walks with the camera, oh, and did a mega walk in London. I’ve just bought some new walking shoes, which might encourage me to make more effort.


Once I’d finished the mega editing process, I managed to settle down a bit and carry on posting. Including this one, the April total will be 77, which is one up on March, despite it being a slightly shorter month, and me being in London for a few days.


More pictures taken, and indeed posted this month. Excluding some that I deleted as they were really unusable, I took 389 pictures in April, which is a lot more than last month. Must keep that up.

Weight and Stuff Report – 30 April 2010

And it’s back to what passes for normal around here. Today’s weight is a wee bit up on what it was before I went to London, but not really significantly so.

I spotted this in Eldon Square today, and got a quick iPhone picture:



Nice to see a public display using a moderately recent version of Windows for a change…

Weight and Stuff Report – 29 April 2010

Well, I’m back from London, and as I’ve already had something to eat, I’ve missed the opportunity to get a moderately accurate weight for today. Never mind, etc.

Here’s a quick picture from the London trip, a slightly modified warning sign:

Love Trees

Love Trees

Nicely done…

Weight and Stuff Report – 28 April 2010

OK, no weight figure today, as I’m in a hotel and didn’t bring the scales with me[1].

For a change, today involved not going to the office, but to a trade show in Earls Court. As I prefer to avoid the crowded environment of the Tube, and it was a nice day, I planned a nice little walk:

Nice little walk

Nice little walk

You can see it in fully clickable form on GMaps Pedometer.

It was a nice morning for a stroll through Hyde Park, and past the Natural History Museum. The show was the usual cacophony of loud stands, some interesting bits and an expensive sandwich for lunch. Incredibly, after spending most of the day on my feet at the show, I persuaded myself to walk back, too. My feet began complaining by the time I got back to Hyde Park, but they managed to survive. That came to a total walk of not much less than eight miles, which is the most I’ve done in a very long time.

I took some pictures, which will be appearing as soon as tuits allow.

[1] Shocking, I know

Weight and Stuff Report – 27 April 2010

What with trying to get it together to catch a train to London, I managed not to weigh myself this morning. Or maybe I did and forgot the figure immediately afterwards. I don’t actually recall.[1]

Anyway, I travelled to London today for one of those regular, though not as frequent as they used to be, visits. Various work things were done.

Today’s picture is an experiment – it’s an interior shot of Castell Coch, which I’ve posted previously, but this time it’s gone through Photoshop CS5’s HDR toning toys, which do some interesting things without the usual need for multiple exposures. I quite like this:

Castell Coch Interior

Castell Coch Interior

[1] A hint that this post may not have been written on its apparent date. I do that now and then, you know.

Good job I was watching it on HD

I saw a few angry messages on Twitter about this yesterday, but as I was watching Doctor Who on the HD channel, I wasn’t subjected to this bit of crass marketing idiocy.

Yes, just as the episode was coming to its cliffhanging climax, with the Doctor making one of his best speeches ever, some buffoon decided that it would be a good idea to superimpose a cartoon version of Graham Norton over the picture, to promote the following show.

It’s quite bad enough that closing credits get chopped to bits and interrupted by mini-trailers, but to put this kind of rubbish on the screen before the action has ended shows a new level of contempt for the material being shown.

Of course, Mr Norton has previously interfered with the Doctor. I think a visit from the Daleks is called for.

BBC News – Doctor Who fans angered by trailer for Over the Rainbow.