Weight and Stuff Report – 2 April 2010

Down a bit today, good stuff!

I did some more work on the picture moving project today, but not quite as much as I was planning to, because early this afternoon, Disaster Struck! One of the worst things that can happen to a geek happened to me: my Internet connection dropped. :wah:

I did all the usual things – restarting the router, which made no difference, restarting the cable modem, which worked for a bit, but then it dropped again. :wah:

I gave it a bit of time, and found it was coming and going seemingly at random, so I resorted to desperate measures: I called support. I got through almost immediately, well immediately after hearing the helpful voice prompts, anyway. They checked a few things, suggested there were no problems in the area, and sent some new settings to this:


Not good when the light on the left goes off.

Well, that worked. Or so it seemed. I was told that if the problem came back, they’d need to send an engineer. And it did come back. But after resetting the modem again, it seems to have gone away again.

I did notice that the signal light on my cable TV box was blinking at the same time as the times when the modem load contact with the outside world, which suggests a communications problem somewhere, rather than flakiness of my actual modem.

Let’s just hope it remains stable for the next few days…