Great Movie Mistakes

OK, this is fun. Currently showing on BBC 3 is this quite lovely collection of continuity errors and cock-ups from a wide range of movies. It got extra points for the warning at the start that the mistakes were spotted by nerds, and even more bonus points for being presented by Robert (Mitchell and) Webb. And for starting with an affectionate mockery of the Star Wars series, which made it quite clear that the biggest error was making the prequels, which is entirely accurate, of course.

12 thoughts on “Great Movie Mistakes

  1. Cindy Cohen


    Why doesn’t nearly every fairly uneducated person under about 40 years’s old say, ‘sat’, ‘stood’, when they should say, sitting or standing. Is it, perhaps, that grammar has not been taught properly in schools? Or, that children are not corrected in schools?
    Robert, you speak of a person ‘stood’ in a kitchen, a person, ‘sat’ on a river bank!!! Oh, the misery of it all.
    For a person making a programme about mistakes in which you include spelling mistakes, pleeeeeease learn that is/are ‘sat’, ‘stood’ are passive are are not current actions!

    Shame on the B.B.C..,

    Cindy Cohen.

  2. james

    sorry but have you ever done a film if you have then good for you but if you have lets all see. plus try and make a animation it’s complex… try and have a go then we will say whats wrong!!

    1. Les Post author

      Me? Can’t say I have, have you? And I’m not sure I see the connection between the complexity of animation and glaring continuity errors in live-action movies. And, umm, you do appreciate that this kind of programme is (a) not under my control and (b) moderately harmless fun?

  3. james

    1 it’s not harmless fun ok it’s critical analysis on what they did wrong but at least know that creating characters on ether program is hard at least. spelling mistakes… i agree with… but atleast have a thought on the animators!!

  4. james

    i wasn’t having a go at you i was just saying why don’t people have some respect for the animators and film makers because we are under stress nearly 24/7 trying to get things right!!

  5. Les Post author

    There is no way at all that this kind of show could be compared with any form of critical analysis. Compared to a lot of material on the internet, it’s gentle, and affectionately presented.

    All the errors being shown have been spotted by the kind of obsessive fans who must really love the work concerned to pay such close attention to it.

  6. james

    well you are correct, but why air the mistakes? they have other programs or are they finally running out of ideas to make another programme??

  7. Les Post author

    Well, it’s cheap TV – they pay a presenter and probably for the clips, but it’s probably less expensive than three hours of normal studio production. It’s not really any different than the (very) long-running “It’ll be alright on the night”, which involved Dennis Norden exposing TV cock-ups.

    Big Brother, on the other hand, is an abomination against nature…

  8. Chris159

    If I had been involved in making this show I would have made sure all my comments and camera shots were beyond reproach;

    I would not have called the trike in Thunderball a “Quad” it has three wheels not four.

    When the presenter mounted the pommelhorse I would have ensured the large reflective “B” in the background did not show the crew.

    My favourite however is calling the warhammer in braveheart a pickaxe, repeatedly.

    People in glasshouses reallly should be careful.

    1. Les Post author

      Well, no doubt it will be mocked at some point in a “TV mistakes” show. Given the light tone, it didn’t seem to me that the programme was meant to be taken even remotely seriously.

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