This site is being rearranged a bit

I’m going through the long, slow and moderately fiddly and tedious job of moving all my pictures out of Gallery and into WordPress posts. This might involve some things temporarily breaking. Sorry about that, but it needs to be done.

All done now. Some lingering oddness may remain, which I’ll fix as I come to it.


3 thoughts on “This site is being rearranged a bit

  1. Les Post author

    Thanks – WordPress does make it a lot easier than writing HTML by hand the old-fashioned way. Though my first site was done in around 1997 or thereabouts, so I’ve had a bit of practice..

  2. james

    i had a try with dreamweaver? it’s really annoying because you have to keep it in the same place all the time! then i done iweb iweb is easy to do but trying to do hyperlinks.. thats another thing!!

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