Weight and Stuff Report – 6 April 2010

That’s better. Back down by over two pounds since yesterday, so I guess that was a bit of temporary bloatage, or something like that.

Talking of temporary bloatage, UK readers[1] will be aware that in a move that was completely unexpected, the Prime Minister today announced[2] that the General Election will be held on Thursday 6 May, the same day as the local council elections taking place in many parts of the country. Everyone was totally stunned by the choice of date, as it was the one everyone had been expecting for months. Or maybe they weren’t surprised.

You probably won’t be surprised to find that I don’t plan on commenting on the matter in any serious manner whatsoever. So instead, here’s a picture:

Or That

Or That

Sums up the choices available to the people. Or not.

[1] And furriners who take notice of such things
[2] After asking Liz nicely first, of course