Will your site break on the iPad?

Well, the iPad went on sale in the US at the weekend – you might have seen a vague reference to it somewhere[1] on the web or in any surviving other news media. But it won’t appear here until a vaguely specified “late April” at an unspecified price, so for the next three weeks or so we’ll get to learn all about it, but won’t get the chance to actually play with one.

Which leaves an important question: what will websites look like on an iPad? If you’ve got a site[2], will iPad users be able to see it as intended? Well, in the usual internetty[3] way, there’s a useful site which simulates the layout of any site on an iPad screen. Losing it[1] looks pretty much as expected in both portrait and landscape formats, which is good to know. Worth a look if you have a site, or you just want to pretend you’ve got an iPad to play with:


[1] Mutter. That kind of wall-to-wall coverage can be a bit annoying. And that’s to someone who’s vaguely thinking that an iPad might be a useful thing to have…
[2] Of course, if your site depends on Flash, it won’t work as intended so there.
[3] Note to Geordie readers: that is not a network of public conveniences :cheesy: