That didn’t take as long as I expected

When I started editing old posts to remove the WPG2ness, I thought I’d be at it until the end of this month, or thereabouts. I was wondering if I’d manage to get it done before the not really a deadline, but I thought I’d treat it as one date of the release of WordPress 3.0, currently expected some time in May.

But, with a lot of work[1], I seem to have done it. All posts that were linking to either albums or images in Gallery2 have been edited and now have the images attached to them using the native WordPress media functions. I’ve also moved some images that were hiding in a separate “images” folder for reasons that made sense at the time into the media library, so that all the images now live in the standard WordPress “uploads” folder, meaning there’s one folder to back up rather than two.

I even went so far as to redo my Sounds page so it uses the built in thinginess too. It means that if I want to add more sound files later, it’ll be less work to upload them and add links to the page.

Quite seriously, I wish I’d made use of the native WordPress media functions several versions ago – I was just reluctant to make the effort to do what I’ve done over the last couple of weeks.

The appearance of posts with pictures isn’t perfect, but this will improve when WordPress 3.0 is released, and I change to a theme that puts the pictures on show in a more impressive manner.

Of course, I haven’t quite finished. There are a load of posts that include images that I’ve manually uploaded to a folder called “screenshots”, and I’m going to edit all those to match the new standard. This isn’t essential, but I’d like to have everything consistent. What fun!

[1] Upload, rearrange, add a few captions in some cases. Easy enough, but takes a lot of time