Speaking as a bit of a pedant…

…this annoys me, too

xkcd - click to see more

xkcd - click to see more

Though I’m slightly less obsessive about it…

5 thoughts on “Speaking as a bit of a pedant…

  1. Sam Judson

    As you may know I read your web site mostly through google reader, and I can never see your photos, at least not first go :)

    It seems to get a 403 forbidden error – I notice that the ‘referrer’ is google reader. Do you have something in place to stop your photos being used from other web sites?

  2. Les Post author

    It’s an evil plot to make people click through to the website to be barraged by all the adverts I don’t have.

    Either that, or it could well be the hotlink protection thingy I use[1] being a little over-enthusiastic. I’ll have a look.

    [1] Got mildly annoyed with people using my smilies on forums. By hotlinking rather than downloading and using like normal people…

    1. Les Post author

      Should be working in Google Reader now[1]. It wasn’t the plugin (which is supposed to play nicely with feed readers), but the more aggressive code I had in .htaccess

      [1] WFM, anyway

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