Photos – 9 April 2010

Having managed to finish the fun[1] job of editing something like 300 posts to remove the links to Gallery2, and add all the images into WordPress, I’ve now started to catch up on some of the pictures I’ve taken lately. This is a selection of pictures from Friday, and includes some views of the Tyne and Newcastle from Windmill Hills, an interesting pattern of shadows, evidence of a Time Lord in the vicinity, inspirational[2] slogans in an underpass, and err, some helpful directions on the pavement on Dean Street.

Clicking any thumbnail should produce a window-filling popup showing a larger version of the image, which comes with friendly “next” and “previous” buttons. Not only that, but if you click “start” you’ll get a slideshow of all the images. This will also work for older galleries that you might run into on the site. More about that in another post.

But enough of that, on with the pictures!

[1] Not
[2] Even more not. They’re probably meant to be art, or something.

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