Try this next time you fly

When I book a flight, I’m presented with something like this:

xkcd: Seat Selection

xkcd: Seat Selection

This is quite nice, and much better than booking train tickets, where you can specify a preference for a window or aisle seat, whether you want to be forward or backward facing, and whether you’d like a table or one of those “airline seats” with the fold down thing in front of you that’s too small for a laptop. And then be told that they couldn’t manage to do seat reservations on this journey. Only they don’t tell you that until after they’ve charged your card, and it’s too late to change your mind without a lot of inconvenience and delay in getting your money back.

All of which vague muttering is, of course, quite beside the point[1]. Click the image to see the whole strip, which is excellent. And has some good advice when you do the mousy hovering thing.

[1] I’m thinking of changing the description of this site from “Les Bessant’s mutterings” to “But I digress…” :cheesy: