Weight and Stuff Report – 12 April 2010

Well, that’s a bit better. Looks like there was a bit of temporary bloatage going on for the last couple of days.

I had planned to walk to work with the 5D again today, but due to a work-related problem, I had to speed things up a bit and get the bus, mutter. But as it was bright and sunny at lunchtime, I had a walk then. I decided to play with the Sigma 12-24mm wide-angle lens today, as it hasn’t been out for a while. While I got some pictures I’m quite happy with, which will be going on show later[1], it might have been better if I’d taken something a bit longer with me. There I was, on the roof of the City Keep[2] getting some good wide[3] shots of the city, the bridges and so on, when I heard The Sound. Coming along the railway track that passes the Keep on the way to the station was this:



I’ve cropped this down a lot, so what you’ll see if you click for the larger image is almost full-size[4]. There’s quite a lot of detail visible, and it’s about as good as I was going to get in the circumstances.

[1] Possibly tomorrow
[2] One of the best photographic platforms in the city that’s easily and legally available. Worth the £4 admission.
[3] Obviously
[4] Which is why having silly numbers of pixels can be a Good Thing