I’m either dedicated or crazy

Having spend ages sorting out all the posts that linked to Gallery2, then all the posts that had single images living in folders other than the WordPress uploads folder, I decided to give myself a bit more work. I mentioned recently that I’d installed a plugin that displays images in a much more attractive and friendly manner, so long as they’re inserted in posts in the right way. So yes, I had to check all the posts with single images in them and make sure they were all either linked to the uploaded image, or to nothing at all for images that were inserted at full size. Not all of them needed to be changed, but I did need to check them all. All 269 of them, which was fun.

It’s quite possible that I’ve missed a few, but unless someone draws any problems to my attention, that’s all the looking end editing I’m likely to do. Now I can get on with adding some more new content rather than revisiting things I’ve written over the last six years or so :dizzy: .