And that’s it!

OK, as you might have noticed, I decided not to wait and went ahead and upgraded Losing it[1] to WordPress 3.0 Beta 1. I don’t think I’ve ever gone with anything earlier than a release candidate before, but I’m sufficiently happy with the beta[1] that I’m prepared to run it now. My main motivation was the ability to run the totally spiffy new TwentyTen theme – this will be the default theme for new installations, replacing the now quite elderly Kubrick. It supports all the fancy stuff, like threaded comments, special layouts for galleries[2], and generally looks rather nice. I’ve made some minor changes to it, and may make more in the future, but for now, I’m reasonably satisfied.

After doing the upgrade, which just for once I did manually (deleting old files, uploading the new ones into the empty spaces left behind), I decided to make one final check over all those posts I spent so much time editing. I wanted to make sure that every post with a gallery in it was in the Gallery category, as the theme does clever things with that. So, it was one more bit of MySQL and a quick run through, resulting in me having to do a quick edit on about 15 posts. But that should be it. Any further site changes will rely on standard WordPress functions, and all my picture posts are using those[3], so they shouldn’t break whatever else happens on the site.

So now I can concentrate on producing more content. More pictures! More long reviews and things! More stuff!

[1] Apart from the new menu editor, which I can’t use until it’s fixed
[2] In particular, it puts a nice little summary on the main page rather than shoving the whole gallery in. I like that
[3] Well, there are a load of posts liking to my pictures on Flickr, and if the fancy takes me, I might fiddle with those a bit at some point.

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