Another problem solved

Regular readers[1] will have noticed that while I was tweaking and twiddling, I’d switched Losing it[1] to a different theme, because my own Frankentheme wasn’t playing nicely with galleries and the like. Unfortunately, the theme I was using either had some borkage, or interacted in an unexpected way with a plugin, or just didn’t like the weather, or something. The upshot of this was that my RSS feed was a bit broken, as it had an extra blank line at the beginning. And while a lot of feed readers will ignore such minor issues, others are more picky, and won’t work with broken feeds at all.[2]

Now I’ve switched to a slightly tweaked child theme based on TwentyTen, the borkage has gone. My feed validates, and as a result, Feedburner now automagically Twitters for me every time I make a post. And if the change I’ve just made at Feedburner works, it’ll Farcebook for me as well.

So if you’ve been wondering where my feed has gone, you should have it back now.

[1] Otherwise known as unicorns, or some such mythical beasts
[2] Imagine the fun if web browsers did the same with invalid (X)HTML :lol: