Well, I gave it a try

Google Chrome, that is. The trouble with it is that in order to get it to work at all with WordPress’s visual editor, I had to switch to the development version, which has been increasingly unstable for me lately. You know the kind of thing – you’re trying to do something absurdly complicated like, well, type text into a field or the insane act of trying to delete a character and it stops. It stares at you for a moment then the page goes away leaving you with what is presumably meant to be a friendly and helpful message saying “Aw, snap”. I’ve no idea what that even means, unless “snap” is Chromespeak for “we can’t handle JavaScript”. I put up with this for a while, but it hasn’t been getting any better, and today it finally annoyed me enough to fire up Firefox again.

I’ll keep an eye on Chrome, in the same way I do on Safari, but for now its Mac dev version isn’t reliable enough for me to put up with on a regular basis. It’s a shame, really – when it behaves itself, it’s a good fast browser, even if it has recently decided that it doesn’t like you to see the letters http.