Deep Joy or Going on a Bit

I like to check the stats for this site on a “when I remember” frequency. While the basic numbers can be interesting, one thing that I particularly like to see are the referers – the pages that people were on which somehow led them to this site. Sometimes there are actually real sites actually really linking here, but mostly it’s the usual kind of search engine thingies. And it can be interesting to see what people searched on. A lot of the hits are for the things you might expect – Doctor Who, Newcastle, Gateshead, and other things that I go on about a lot. But sometimes, there’s a search that brings a smile to my face.

And today, I had one of those. A query from Searchalot for:

go on a bit

When I checked the search results, I was quite pleased to see one of my posts appearing quite prominently on the list of results. I was even more pleased when I realised that it was even more prominent than I realised, as the first six hits were in fact “sponsored links”, or adverts as I prefer to call them. The actual search results had me as second, nicely sandwiched between Barack Obama and Richard Dawkins:

Go on a bit...

Go on a bit...

Of course, the title of the post – I do go on a bit – probably had something to do with the placing, but I’m quite happy to be listed as officially going on a bit more than Richard Dawkins.  :rofl:

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