Good job I was watching it on HD

I saw a few angry messages on Twitter about this yesterday, but as I was watching Doctor Who on the HD channel, I wasn’t subjected to this bit of crass marketing idiocy.

Yes, just as the episode was coming to its cliffhanging climax, with the Doctor making one of his best speeches ever, some buffoon decided that it would be a good idea to superimpose a cartoon version of Graham Norton over the picture, to promote the following show.

It’s quite bad enough that closing credits get chopped to bits and interrupted by mini-trailers, but to put this kind of rubbish on the screen before the action has ended shows a new level of contempt for the material being shown.

Of course, Mr Norton has previously interfered with the Doctor. I think a visit from the Daleks is called for.

BBC News – Doctor Who fans angered by trailer for Over the Rainbow.