Election 2010: Finally a Result

Well, after much discussion, dealing and ludicrous amounts of commentary[1], a deal has been done. Gordon Brown resigned, and Callmedave, err David Cameron is now Prime Minister, heading a Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition. That’s not a result that I’d have predicted before the election – like a lot of people, I was expecting that no party would have an overall majority, but thought the Lib Dems would gain rather than lose seats, and would form an alliance with Labour.

Will this alliance prove to be stable? Hard to say. But these are strange times, and strange things can happen. For instance, it seems likely that the mind-bogglingly expensive identity card scheme will go away, which I think is a Good Thing.[2]

On the downside, I must now officially be an Old Fart, because the new Prime Minister is younger than me.

And ending on a positive note, at least I will now be free to complain about the annoying right-wing gits in government without it feeling weird. And maybe the Labour party will use a period of opposition to reform itself into something its traditional supporters can vote for without holding their noses. But I’m not holding my breath for that one…

End of political bit. Normal service will resume later today.

[1] Papers and TV full of people speculating without data, which is a damn silly activity
[2] It wasn’t so much the notion of not actually compulsory ID cards, linked to a database with typical levels of access control[3], as the fact that they were planning to make us pay to have the bloody things
[3] Known in IT security circles as “none at all”

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