Doctor Who – Amy’s Choice

As yesterday’s episode was the first of a two-parter, I’ll be keeping my disordered thoughts to myself until I’ve seen the conclusion. So let’s go back a week to a nicely intriguing episode that started out looking like it was going to be a bit wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey, but turned out to be something altogether different…

Five years have passed since Amy and Rory stopped travelling with the Doctor. They’re married, he’s qualified as a doctor and she’s ever so slightly pregnant. Oh, and more alarmingly, Rory has grown a ponytail. They’re a bit surprised to be visited by the Doctor, and all three are even more surprised when they find themselves falling asleep on  a bench.

They all wake up on the TARDIS, which is not at all well. Their surprise grows when they realise that they all had the same dream of being in the same village. And why can they hear bird song?

After falling asleep on the TARDIS and waking up back on the bench, the Doctor warns his friends not to trust anything they see or feel from that point onward.

Lots more flicking back and forwards follows, interrupted by the appearance on the TARDIS of a strange man who introduces himself as the Dream Lord. He’s playing some kind of twisted game: one of the realities is a dream, the other is, well, real. Get yourself killed in the dream and you’ll return to reality. Get yourself killed in reality and you’re really dead.

All of which is made a bit tricky by the fact that Bad Things are happening. The TARDIS is dead and drifting towards a quite impossible cold star. The village has a problem with the old people who are actually very old and have some weird alien monsters occupying them which have a nasty line in reducing people to piles of dust.

Trying to decide which is real – to know which battle they can afford to lose – isn’t made any easier by the frequent appearances of the Dream Lord, who seems to know a lot about the Doctor.

Of course, in the end, it’s all sorted out nicely, and the Dream Lord’s true identity is revealed to be very interesting indeed…

Good fun all round, some nice development of Rory, Amy continuing to be superb and the Doctor being quite spectacular.

One thought on “Doctor Who – Amy’s Choice

  1. David

    Apart from the Dream Lord (who was fantastic) I thought the rest of the episode was a little poor, and unfortunately i think the series has dulled down a little bit in the last few eps :rolleyes:

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