Muse – Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)

I have mentioned Muse previously, but seemed to not remember to mention their more recent album[1]. Anyway, they’re back with a single which is apparently on the soundtrack of the latest vampire thingy movie[2]. It really sounds like they’re trying to be Queen[3] in maximum operatic mode, with an extra dash of hardcore geekery. All of which should be a bit rubbish, but somehow, Matt Bellamy manages to get away with it. Here’s the video, which comes from the band’s official channel, so shouldn’t get pulled from YouTube in the usual way.

Warning: video may contain vampires and wolves. You have been warned.

[1] Executive summary: madder than a bag of mad squirrels who haven’t been taking their medication. In a good way.
[2] Popular series, apparently. Haven’t really taken much notice.
[3] The band, not the lady with all the big houses