May 2010 Round-up

Keeping with a tradition dating back to March, this will once again be the final post of the month


I’ve managed to continue to remember to weigh myself daily.

May 1: 231.4 pounds (16 stone 7.4 pounds, 105 kg)
May 31: 227 pounds (16 stone 3 pounds, 103 kg)

Difference: A quite significant drop of 4.4 pounds (2kg)


I seem to have adopted the sarnie shop across the road from the office, which is a we bit cheaper than some other places. And I’ve pretty much stuck to a single sandwich only every day. Good.


A couple of walks to work this month. The new shoes I bought last month are now broken in, so maybe now I’ll make more effort.


Had a bit of a quiet month, with a few bouts of tuitlessness which led to epic catch-up sessions. Total for May, including this one, but not any further posts I might make later today should the mood strike, is a relatively low 53. That’s still well over a post a day, though.


I didn’t do much photography at all this month. Tut tut. Must do better.